I started getting acne when i was in 7th Grade . Till now i couldn’t end it. People get acne due to various reasons like Oily skin, Bad diet, PCOD,hormonal imbalance, stress, The challenge is you need to figure out the root cause before you start treating them. During my teenage when I visited dermatologist, she said Acne is very common and it naturally stops after I reach 20. And she prescribed Tretiva -Isotretinoin tablets for 3 months.

This tablet works like a magic. It just vanishes your pimples and makes your skin glow and leaves your skin flawless like a butter. But was it a permanent solution and did my breakouts actually stop? NO !! It became even more worse than before. Many of my friends who were suffering from acne problem had had the same tablet but their result was permanent. My clear skin lasted only for 1 year.

Later I got severe acne that made me cringe away from people. I dint’t even wanna go back to college with my ugly face. My condition forced me to take those tablets again and I did. Clear skin for 1 more year and POOF..!! Back to my face I hate the most.

Later one of my friend suggested to get my blood tested to check if there is any hormonal imbalance. So immediately I consulted a gynaec and took up the blood test. The testosterone was little high than the usual and that had caused me acne all these years! And yeah I had PCOD too.. So i started treating my PCOD and hormonal imbalance and my skin started showing progress.

Whenever I gain weight all of a sudden again my hormones get imbalanced and I end up getting pimples. My average weight is 105 pounds even if i gain 5 pounds in a month I get back this problem.

Chocolates & dairy products can easily aggravate the acne. So I’m avoiding them too.

Home Remedies never did any good to my skin. I tried apple cider vinegar, Multani mitti, turmeric , neem , aloe vera etc ., but all in vain.

I’m 25 years and married now, still I get acne but not like before. May be it’s fatal for some people and can’t be wiped off completely.